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The BellBoard Virtual Hub is designed to be a central place for you to find information about virtual ringing-related events. We hope that you find it useful.

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New issue - Survival and Recovery Newsheet

A new third issue of the Survival and Recovery Newsheet is now available, produced by the Central Council and the Assocation of Ringing Teachers.

Survival and Recovery Toolbox

The Survival and Recovery project is the result of a partnership between ART and the CCCBR. It is a work in progress and will be developed as the pandemic unwinds and the needs of ringers and ringing become ever clearer. Let’s work together to build a vibrant future for ringing.

Tower Talk - new edition

There’s a new edition of the Tower Talk newsletter out - with a handbell ringing theme. Download for free here.

Covid Winter Plan - Central Council

The Central Council has published a new item: ’Covid Winter Plan – updated guidance for England Wales and Scotland’. View here. Their ’Standing Guidance’ page, updated weekly, is here.

The Virtual Hub - Welcome and instructions

BellBoard now has a Virtual Hub page designed to help keep you informed about upcoming virtual ringing-related events.

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