Saint James' Guild
St Mary's Platt, Kent
Piltdown House Campanile
Sunday, 4 November 2001 in 2h 46 (22½ lb)
5042 Orion Surprise Maximus
Composed by D G Hull
1 Hannah L Wilby
2 Michael P A Wilby
3 David G Hull (C)
4 Phillip R J Barnes
5 Michael J Trimm
6 Victoria J M Halliwell
7 Robin O Hall
8 Mark A Humphreys
9 Alison K Regan
10 Katherine L Town
11 Thomas W Griffiths
12 David J Pipe
First of Orion: 8. The first peal of Orion on a mini-ring, and believed to be the fastest peal in the method. The band would like to thank Robin Hall for managing to stand at the last minute.