Lenham Company
St John the Baptist
Monday, 8 December 1746 in 7h (12–2–12 in G)
10080 Double Bob Major
1 John Epps
2 Samuel Grayling
3 Thomas Barham
4 James Barham
5 Abraham Barham
6 William Hunt
7 John Freeland
8 John Hunt
There are several references (see below) to this peal that was originally recorded as 'Bob Major Double'. It is thought that this is synonymous with Double Bob Major:
1. Kentish Post, Wed. 10 Dec./Sat. 13 Dec. 1746; 'On Monday was elegantly rung at Harrietsham in Kent, 10080 of that excellent Peal call'd Bob Major Double; it was perform'd in seven Hours, by the Lenham Company, viz. John Epps 1st, Samuel Grayling 2d, Thomas Barham 3d, James Barham 4th, Abraham Barham 5th, William Hunt 6th, John Freeland 7th, John Hunt 8th'
2. John Naunton's transcript of James Barham’s peal book (in the CC library - see image),
3. Church Bells, 1873, p.175; a copy of the tablet in the belfry at Harrietsham.
4. Bell News, 1883, p.159; 'Peals of Ten Thousand Changes' compiled by Jasper W. Snowdon.
5. Bell News, 1898, p.196; George Naunton's broadsheet referring to James Barham's peals.
6. History & Art of Change Ringing, 1931, by Ernest Morris, reprinted in 1974, p.131.