Ancient Society of College Youths
St Michael, Cornhill
Saturday, 14 September 2019 in 3h 33 (32–1–6 in D♭)
5148 Spliced Maximus (8 Methods)
1056 each Molto Bene, Simpson’s Tavern S and Sunny Afternoon D; 528 Allonzi, Asaph Hall and Phobos S; 220 Bastow Little B; 176 Crayford Little B; 175 changes of method; all the work.
1 James J Watkins
2 Paul N Mounsey
3 Leigh D G Simpson
4 Richard B Pullin
5 Jonathan A Agg
6 Thomas J Hinks
7 Tessa K Simpson
8 Ryan S Noble
9 Alistair A F Smith
10 Luke T W Smith
11 Andrew J Graham (C)
12 Alan G Reading
Rung in memory of Matthew Webb.
Allonzi S -50-4.50-5.0-4.70.5- (b)
Molto Bene S -34-4-2.5.6-4-5-36-7-36-7.4-4.7 (a)
Simpson’s Tavern S -36-4-2.5.0- (m)
Sunny Afternoon D -3-4-2-1- (k1)

This performance was rung in memoriam In memoriam — Matthew Webb .