Non Association
Ashford, Kent
St Mary the Virgin
Saturday, 30 January 1773 in 3h 10 (23 cwt approx in E♭)
5040 Plain Bob Major
1 William Sweetlove
2 Robert Bonny
3 Robert Tilby
4 John Tudges
5 Robert Sweetlove
6 William Cook
7 Robert Banks
8 George Tilby
Kentish Gazette - Saturday 06 February 1773:
On Saturday, the 30th of January last, was rung at Ashford, on that musical peal of eight bells 5040 changes, bob-major, in three hours ten minutes, by eight young men from Leeds— Their ages, names, and the order of ringing were follow :
Wm. Sweetlove Treble 22
Robt. Bonny 2d 19
Robt. Tilby 3d 21
John Tudges 4th 22
Robt. Sweetlove 5th 24
Wm. Cook 6th 20 [?]
Robt. Banks 7th 25
George Tilby Tenor 26
The above is considered as the greatest performance every known in England, by so young a company.