SS Peter and Paul
Saturday, 18 March 1995 (9–2–0 in A)
1320 London Surprise Minor
1 Stella Shell
2 Stuart M Cox
3 Kathryn L Babbage
4 W Emma S Cundiff
5 Roger G Booth
6 Michael A Birkbeck (C)
A wedding compliment to Sheena Whitefield and Peter Down. Thought to be the first occasion on which a quarter of this method has been rung at Shorne Church.
Saturdays quite often find the two of us ringing for weddings at one church or another, and we are not generally on the other side of the fence - i.e. requesting bells for our own daughter’s wedding, or blessing in this case.
On this occasion our daughter had other ideas as to what our duties would be, and she banned us from even touching a bellrope, which depleted our local band considerably. We know lots of ringers, so who to ask? Well only the best, of course.
Two from Tunstall, two from Maidstone District, and two from London all agreed to ring for us. Their only instructions were to “ring something nice”. They are all very reliable; so, when they say they will be there, they are there. But that didn’t stop us worrying.
Will there be a traffic jam? Let’s check the bell ropes, will one break? Will we get to the church on time to let them in? We only stopped chewing our fingernails when the bells were actually ringing. And didn’t they ring lovely! A quarter peal of London Surprise Minor, and after the service they rang a touch or two and the fired the bells.
It really was a joy listening to the bells as the bride approached the church. They seemed to have a soothing effect and turned her nervousness into feelings of excitement and anticipation.
Bellringers everywhere can rest assured that their efforts on these occasions are appreciated more than they think by those “on the other side of the fence”.
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