Kent County Association
Leeds, Kent
At the Church of St Nicholas
Tuesday, 31 January 2017 in 47m (20cwt approx)
1280 Oxford Treble Bob Major
1 Liz M Shearman
2 *Brian PU Lawrence
3 Maureen A Poole
4 Michael J Wigney
5 Barry A Roberts
6 Hugo L Tracey
7 Brian G Butcher
8 Christopher J Cooper (C)
*First Oxford TB.
In celebration of the forthcoming Sapphire Jubilee of H.M. The Queen.
Also to commemorate the completion of 25 years ringing for the conductor (the 7th ringer taught him to ring).
Birthday compliments to D. Paul Smith (26/1) [Master ASCY 1995-96], Miss Eloise V.O. Scott (7 on 29/1) and Miss Abigail M. Buck (16 on 2/2) [Burmarsh Tower Capt 2011-12].
At practice following this quarter, Grandsire & Stedman Cators, Stedman Triples and Rounds & Called Changes on the ten were rung. Best thanks to the Tower Captain for the use of the bells.
According to records, first performance of Oxford TB Major on the bells since 1953 (and the one before that was 1810!)

This performance is linked to the event Ringing to Celebrate the Queen's 65th Year on the Throne.