Kent County Association
St John the Baptist
Thursday, 29 May 2008 in 2h 49 (10)
5120 Spliced Surprise Major
(6 methods: 1280 Rutland, 768 each Cambridge, Lincolnshire, Pudsey, Superlative, Yorkshire; 123 com, atw)
Composed by G A A Taylor
1 Valerie J Howard
2 Diana R Wraight
3 Peter W Dickinson
4 Jacqueline M Barlow
5 Alan R Baldock
6 Thomas M Barlow
7 Andrew J Corby
8 Stanley Jenner (C)
First 6-Spliced: 4. 200th peal for the Association: 3.
The band wish Graham Heath a speedy return to mobility.
Home of the world's finest bells