Ancient Society of College Youths
St Mary's Platt, Kent
Piltdown House Campanile
Sunday, 3 November 2002 in 2h 56 (22½ lb)
5005 Spliced Cinques and Maximus
(2m: 2544 Bristol S. Maximus; 2461 Stedman Cinques: 7 changes of method)
Composed by D G Hull
1 Elizabeth A Barnes
2 David G Hull (C)
3 Phillip R J Barnes
4 David J Baverstock
5 Anthony M Daw
6 Victoria J M Halliwell
7 Eleanor J Kippin
8 Christopher J Poole
9 Mark A Bell
10 Simon J L Linford
11 Michael P A Wilby
12 Robin O Hall
Following the Society's 365th Anniversary Dinner.
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