All Saints
Thursday, 24 March 2016 in 2h 55 (8–0–27 in A♭)
5086 Viscount Horne Surprise Major
1 D John Knight
2 Jeffrey Knipe
3 Lesley A Knipe
4 Richard H Johnston
5 Michael Hatchett
6 R Nicholas Lawrence
7 Robert D S Brown (C)
8 Timothy F Collins
Remembering Great Western Castle Class Locomotive No 5086 Viscount Horne. Re-built from 'Star' class engine 4066 Viscount Horne, December 1937. First shed allocation Wolverhampton, Stafford Road. Last shed allocation Worcester. Withdrawn November 1958 and scrapped.
First Peal in the method
Viscount Horne Surprise Major
x3x4x5x6x2x3x4x7.56.456x3x2x6x5x4x3x2 [b] Non Palindromic
Also welcoming the treble ringer back to peal ringing after his serious accident. He has agreed to refrain from walking in front of fast moving White Vans.
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