Bath & Wells Diocesan Association
SS Peter and Paul
Saturday, 17 October 2015 in 14h 26 (22–3–15 in D)
21216 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
1 Matthew J Hilling (C)
2 John N Hughes-D'Aeth
3 Andrew B Mills
4 Paul N Mounsey
5 John P Loveless
6 Martin J Whiteley
7 Roy LeMarechal
8 Paul J Tiebout
9 Robin O Hall
10 Frank W Rivett
11 Thomas W Griffiths
12 Michael P A Wilby
The longest peal yet rung on twelve bells.
Umpires: Timothy F Collins, Michael E C Mears, P Wendy Campbell, Susan D Sparling, Pauline C Champion, Christopher R Field, Andrew J Palk, Philippa M Whittington
An MP3 file containing three excerpts from the peal can be downloaded from:
1. The opening lead and a bit;
2. 6 minutes of the course T09E2345678 (approx 5 hours in);
3. A couple of leads of the course 2436587ET90 (approx 8.5 hours in).
This peal has been recognised as a record length in the method.
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