Oxford Society
Cathedral Church of Christ
Sunday, 31 January 2016 in 56m (31–0–23)
1261 Spliced Cinques and Maximus (3m)
541 Stedman Cinques, 432 Zanussi Surprise Maximus, 288 Bristol Surprise Maximus; 14 com.
1 Bernard J Stone
2 Elizabeth C Frye
3 Stephen M Jones
4 Ryan Mills
5 Simon A Bond (C)
6 Katherine A Stonham
7 Hazel M Rothera
8 Stuart F Gibson
9 Jeremy R Pratt
10 Christopher I Griggs
11 Mark D Tarrant
12 Jonathan Cresshull
First in burlesque attire: 6.
With best wishes from the conductor to the Society for their support during his Mastership.
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