St Bartholomew
Saturday, 28 November 2015 in 2h 55 (13–2–11 in F)
5040 Surprise Minor
In seven methods being an extent of: Sandiacre, Northumberland, Bourne, Ipswich, York, Beverley and Cambridge.
1 Christine A Williams
2 Richard A Horne
3 Hannah M Campbell
4 Anthony H Smith (C)
5 Russell A Brown
6 Phillip S George
350th Peal: 6
This peal completes a series in which the ringers of 4,5 & 6 have completed extents of all 41 Surprise Minor Methods and 2 has done so for the second time. We would like to thank all those who rang in earlier peals especially Charlotte Smith who had hoped to be in them all.
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