Oxford University Society
Cathedral Church of Christ
Sunday, 1 November 2015 in 52m (31–0–23)
1276 Grandsire Cinques
1 Michael O'Hagan
2 Jennifer C E Lane
3 Simon A Bond (C)
4 Lucy M Bricheno
5 D Robert C Sworder
6 David E Giles
7 Stephen J D Dann
8 Alexander J Dicks
9 Robert S Wallis
10 Simon D Roberts
11 James C Marchbank
12 Luke O Camden
First on twelve: 6 & 8.
A compliment to Stephen Dann, following his recent DPhil viva, from eleven newly-created badgers. Claire Bell, Chris Backhouse, Sîan Moorhouse, Hugh Wilkinson and Caroline Lomax, also newly-badgered, would probably like to be associated with this performance.
Also rung with best wishes and congratulations to Kirsty and Bob Wallis on the birth of Chloe Felicity Wallis on Friday.

This performance is linked to the event Oxford University Society — OUSCR Quarter Peals rung in Michaelmas Term 2015 .

Church Bellhangers of Distinction