St John
Friday, 23 October 2015 in 2h 42 (12–1–8 in G)
5088 Cambridge Surprise Major
1 Raymond A Hutchings
2 Jane Owen
3 Peter C Randall
4 Derek J Thomas
5 Gail L Randall
6 James E Andrews
7 Peter G Bellamy-Knights
8 Jeffrey Brannan (C)
40 years ago, on Friday 24th October, 1975 a "peal" of 5088 Cambridge S. Major composed by John Carter was rung at this tower. Some 12 years later the composition was found to be false and the "peal" had to be withdrawn. Tonight matters have been put right with a true version of Carter's composition, which only differs in the final 3 courses, being successfully rung. Some interesting statistics:- same ringer on 4th, same ringer on 8th, same conductor and the same time as 40 years ago!
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