North American Guild
Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul
Sunday, 6 September 2015 in 3h 32 (32–0–4 in D)
5040 Spliced Caters and Royal
2880 Plain Bob Caters and 2160 Plain Bob Royal; 8 changes of method
1 Donald F Morrison (C)
2 Beth Sinclair
3 Carolyn V Ormes
4 Quilla Roth
5 Michael R Harrison
6 Frederick DuPuy
7 Robert Bannister
8 Cecily W Rock
9 Robert G Gibson
10 Alexander T Taft III
For Sunday service and Labor Day.
Circled the tower – 5.
With this peal, Michael R Harrison becomes the first person to circle this tower in exactly ten peals, and the fourth person to circle both towers in Washington DC.
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