Ancient Society of College Youths
London, EC
St Sepulchre Library Room
Thursday, 22 May 2008 in 2h 43 (13 in E)
5040 Spliced Royal (8 Methods)
1080 Actium S; 720 each Edgehill D, Carthage Differential S, Dunkerque D, Nightingale TP; 360 each Marengo TP, Austerlitz S, Flodden S. 89 c.o.m., a.t.w.
D J Pipe (cyclic 9 part with mega-tittums)
1–2 Jennifer E Butler
3–4 David J Pipe (C)
5–6 John N Hughes-D'Aeth
7–8 Philip J Earis
9–10 Alex F Byrne
These 8 methods rung for the first time.
Actium Surprise:
a x34x4.5.2x3.2x7.58.6x6.7.6.78x9
Edgehill Delight:
e x3x4x2x1x34.7.458x34.2.7x78x1
Carthage Differential Surprise:
c 3x5.4x2x3x4x5x4x5x4x5
Dunkerque Delight:
d1 x3x4x25x6x2x1x56x5.
Nightingale Treble Place:
a 34x34.1.34x34.1.34x34.1.34x34.1.34x34.1
Marengo Treble Place:
8z 56x56.1.34x34.1.34x34.1.34x34.1x1.56.9
Austerlitz Surprise:
2z x56x6x2x3x2x3x2x3x2x3
Flodden Surprise:
2z x34x4x2x23x2x5x4x5x4x5