Peterborough Diocesan Guild
St Peter and St Paul
Saturday, 30 August 1997 in 2h 57 (14–1–10 in F)
5040 Doubles (42v)
1 extent each Higham Ferrers, Rushden, Finedon, Irthlingborough, Earls Barton, Newton Bromswold, Great Billing, Overstone, Kennington, April Day, Windrush, Wollaston, Great Harrowden, Denton, St Paul, St Leonard, Austrey, St Oswald, St Magnus, Little Harrowden, Samson, St Ambrose, St Ninian, St Felix, Sussex, Kent, Northampton, Irchester, St John Evangelist, St John Baptist, St Wenceslas, Septuagesima, Sexagesima, Kettering, Wellingborough, St Alban, Eynsham, Elford, St Wilfrid, St Katherine, Rockingham, Stoke Doyle
1 Andrew R Wignell
2 Victoria Samson
3 Paul M Mason (C)
4 Nicholas A Churchman
5 Timothy F W Samson
First peal of Doubles: 1.
Most variations to a peal by all.
The annual Major Edward F M Samson memorial peal. The place names of the new variations represent some of the local parishes in which Major Samson conducted stewardship campaigns within the Diocese.
Variations rung for the first time:
Higham Ferrers Doubles: cc134c/f
Rushden Doubles: cc134a/c/f
Finedon Doubles: cc137c/f
Irthlingborough Doubles: cc137a/c/f
Earls Barton Doubles: cc141c/f
Newton Bromswold Doubles: cc141a/c/f
Great Billing Doubles: cc143c/f
Overstone Doubles: cc143a/c/f
Little Harrowden Doubles: cc4a/c/f
Samson Doubles: cc4c/f
Northampton Doubles: cc13a/c/f
Irchester Doubles: cc13c/f
Kettering Doubles: cc11a/c/f
Wellingborough Doubles: cc11c/f