Surrey Association
St Peter and St Paul
Sunday, 26 September 2010 in 43m (11–2–2 G)
1280 Method And 10 Variations Of Grandsire Doubles (1m)
Being 80 changes of Grandsire and 10 extents including the following new variations to the calling of BPBPSPx2 using combinations of the following calls: Demvihja Extreme, Demvihja Omit, Grandsire Bob, Grandsire Single, Antelope Single, Newark Single and Wollaton Single: 1. 178 at, ta, u, c, g Stuart Lucas' Artificial Leg; 2. 178 at, ta, u, c, f Blackberry; 3. 178 at, ta, u, c, h Raspberry Blower; 4. 178 at, ta, u, f, g Sloe Gin; 5. 178 at, ta, u, f, h Unexpected Tattoo; 6. 178 at, ta, u, g, h Absent Hal; 7. 178 at, ta, u, g Raspberry; 8. 178 at, ta, u, c Sloe Retreat; 9. 178 at, ta, u, f Lumpy Scrumpy & 10. 178 at, ta, u, h Arnold Merchant
1 Vicky Williams
2 Roderic Bickerton
3 Christopher McLean (C)
4 Oliver Thompson
5 Andrew Holland
Rung for Harvest Festival on the back five after meeting short for a peal. Also to celebrate the following: The Birthday of Freda Streeter (wife of tower captain, Alan), Daphne Collard (Grandmother of 4) and Halisi Drysdale (all 22nd September), also the 49th Wedding anniversary of Alan and Freda Streeter (23rd September)
Circled the tower to quarters: 3