All Saints
Thursday, 23 November 2006 in 2h 55 (8–0–27)
5088 Spliced Surprise Major
In 5 methods, being 1152 changes each of Bristol and Yorkshire, 960 changes each of Cambridge and Lincolnshire and 864 changes of Rutland with 74 changes of method and all the work.
Composed by Philip G K Davies
1 D John Knight
2 Lesley A Knipe
3 Sheila C Matthews
4 Phill J Payne
5 Frederick J Sage
6 Jeffrey Knipe
7 Michael Hatchett
8 Timothy F Collins (C)
Most Spliced Surprise Major methods to a peal 5.
This peal is dedicated to the life of Ann Arnott of Huntsham.
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