Bath & Wells Diocesan Association
Blessed Virgin Mary
Wednesday, 22 July 2015 (18–3–20 in E♭)
120 Avon Double Cyclic Doubles
Believed to be the first extent of the method (principle):
1 Georgina Barratt
2 David P Sworder
3 John J Bissell (C)
4 Molly S Waterson
5 Michael J Stubbs
6 Ines Laidler
Note : Avon Doubles has the property that the full lead and half lead both possess double symmetry; hence, in addition to the lead heads and half leads, the quarter leads are also cyclic (in particular, permutations of Queens and reverse Queens).
JJB thanks Tony Smith for pointing out that Avon Doubles appeared under translation as No.264 in the Collection of Doubles Methods, 3rd, Part 2, 1986.
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