All Saints
Sunday, 14 June 2015 in 15m (12cwt)
360 Plain Bob Doubles
As part of the Magna Carta celebrations, Odiham organised and started the Cascade of ringing of 12 towers along the route King John would have taken, from Odiham Castle to Runnymede. Local ringers rang Plain Bob Doubles to start the ringing at 12.15pm, and others joined in later with call changes. This was part of the Libertea festivities in The Bury, Odiham. The bells were rung again at 3pm along with others nationally. The doors were open and local people were excited and thrilled to witness the beginning of the cascade.
1 Alan Hoar
2 Geraldine Woodhouse
3 Dudley Elmsmore
4 Sue Goff
5 Neil Gibbons (C)
6 Tony Liddiard