St James's Society of London (1824) & Ancient Society of Esquire Leeds Youths (1751)
At the Parish Church of St Margaret
Saturday, 21 February 2009 in 39m (5cwt app.)
1260 Singles (2)
105e Original 105e Reverse Original
1–2 Christopher J Cooper
3 William J Stungo (C)
On the 10th Anniversary of the re-establishment of the Society of Leeds Youths ringers, to celebrate the forthcoming 94th birthday (24/2) of the Verger of the neighbouring Parish of St Nicholas, Leeds who has outlived the famous James Barham, First Master of the Leeds Youths who died in 1818 aged 93.
The original intention had been for a quarter peal of Treble Bob Royal in the Kent variation at Leeds; however due to influenza, double-bookings and a sprained wrist, the other eight members were indisposed, so the remaining two went to Broomfield to perform this for our grand old veteran friend, who has also been Beadle (or Warner) of the Society since its re-establishment in February 1999.
With especial thanks to Mr Hadlow, the Verger of Broomfield, for opening the church and having the bells in good going order.
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