Society of Royal Cumberland Youths
Crimplesham, Norfolk
St Mary the Virgin
Monday, 17 November 2014 in 2h 34 (6)
5040 Doubles (1p/20m)
2 extents each: Shipway Place, Westminster II Bob, Blackburn Place, St Hilary Bob, Dragon Place, New Bob, Huntspill Bob, St Vedast Bob, Blaisdon Bob, Stedman, Grandsire, Reverese Canterbury Pleasure Place, St Nicholas Bob, Winchendon Place, St Remigius Bob, Huntley Place, Plain Bob, St Simon Bob, St Martin Bob, St Osmund Bob, Eynesbury Bob.
1 Marion A Robinson
2 Philip D Bailey
3 Peter V Rogers
4 Andrew J Davey
5 Peter J Waterfield (C)
Home of the world's finest bells