Society of Cambridge Youths
University Church of St Mary the Great
Thursday, 22 November 2012 in 3h 24 (24–1–1)
5040 Spliced Maximus (10 methods)
1056 Gluon Little Alliance, 576 each Top, Strange Differential, Plain Bob, 480 each Up Differential, Down Differential, 432 Lepton Little Bob, 336 Charm Differential, 312 Quark, 216 Bottom Differential; 215 com, atw
1 George Unsworth
2 Jennifer E Earis
3 Elizabeth A Orme
4 Iain J Anderson
5 Stephen A Croxall
6 Frank H King
7 David J Pipe (C)
8 Robert B S Oakeshott
9 Phillip M Orme
10 Barry R M Johnson
11 Patrick L H Brooke
12 Philip J Earis
First peal on this plan.
Top Little Hybrid Maximus:
5.4-5-2-45-4.5.4.lh.- 2134567890ET
Up Differential Little Hybrid Maximus:
3.2-1-4.5-5.34.lh.- 2134TE098765
Strange Differential Maximus:
58-58-58-67-1-1-lh.- TE0987654321
Down Differential Little Hybrid Maximus:
0.E-1-9.8-8.90.lh.- 8765432190TE
Charm Differential Little Hybrid Maximus:
7-7-67-678.lh.- 6543217890TE
Bottom Differential Maximus:
58-58-3670-30.49-lh.- 8709TE214365
Lepton Little Bob Maximus:
Gluon Little Alliance Maximus:
Quark Maximus:
3-50-78-1-1-3-9.lh.- 0T8E69472513
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