Great Linford, St Andrew
Saturday, 18 February 2006 in 2h 45 (16cwt)
5040 Doubles (12m)
(11m/1p: 120 changes each Stedman, Grandsire; 480 each Huntley Pl, St Remigius B, Winchendon Pl, St Nicholas B, Rev Canterbury Pl, Eynesbury, St Osmund, St Martin's, St Simon's, Plain B)
1 Scott P Ayers
2 Alexandra J Marchbank
3 James R Maltby
4 Simon Head
5 Alan J Marchbank (C)
6 Barry R Eglesfield
In memmory of Ronald J Snack.
In the 250th anniversary year of the casting of these bells.
Most nethods for all except 4.