Ancient Society of College Youths
St Martin
Saturday, 10 March 2012 in 3h 50 (39)
5088 Spliced Sixteen (6 methods)
2048 Phobos Moon Surprise, 1152 Deimos Moon Little Alliance, 768 each Glazgow Differential Little Surprise, Prospero Little Treble Place, 224 London Link Differential Little Hybrid, 128 Crayford Differential Little Bob; 159 com, atw for all 16 bells
1 David J Pipe (C)
2 Jennifer E Earis
3 Tessa K Beadman
4 Mark R Eccleston
5 Graham G Firman
6 Christopher J Poole
7 John N Hughes-D'Aeth
8 Mark A Bell
9 Antony R Kench
10 David E House
11 Philip J Earis
12 Paul E Bibilo
13 Paul N Mounsey
14 Paul L Carless
15 Simon J L Linford
16 Michael P A Wilby
Cyclic 16-part: the first peal on 16 with all the work for all 16 bells.
London Link Differential Little Hybrid: &5T.1.5T.1.70.3Bx 8674523D1BCTA0E9
Prospero Little Treble Place: &x5x4.5x2.3x36.4.5 - k1
Crayford Differential Little Bob: &x1x4 - k
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