All Saints
Sunday, 5 August 2007 (6½ Cwt)
1260 Doubles (11 m/v)
1 James Fraser
2 Heather L E Peachey
3 Andrew C Bennett
4 David E Hibbert
5 Rt Revd Barry F Peachey (C)
6 Patricia A Donnelly
Most m/v in a Quarter - 3.
Rung for Evensong and for suffers of the summer pests, especially Jenny Bennett who would otherwise have been in this Quarter, and as a 20th birthday compliment to the Treble ringer.
The following Variations are rung for the first time.
Ants Nest: 137/qk St Nicholas Bob with a Sawston Extreme.
Mosquito Bites: 134/qk Winchendon Place with a Sawston Extreme
Wasp Stings: 143/qk St Remigius Bob with a Sawston Extreme
Gnat Bites: 141/qk Huntley Place with a Sawston Extreme.
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