Devon Association
SS Peter and Paul
Wednesday, 4 January 2006 (9 cwt)
120 Unrepeated Call-Changes (3rd of 3 extents)
(Each row prior and subsequent to a call being unrepeated to produce the extent on 5 Bells using 'Doubles' Call-Changes)
Trad P J Pascoe
1 Paul Pascoe (C)
2 Chris Pascoe
3 Graham Pascoe
4 Chris Parker
5 Spencer Keys
Part of the ringing on the front 5 as a celebration of the life of Pauline Finch 1922-2005 - organist at Broadhempston and Woodland for many years.
The local band rang continuously (in relays) for a total of 74 mins (including rise and lower), and completed three different '120' extents via 'Single' and 'Doubles' Call-Changes.
This is believed to be the first 120 extent on 5 bells yet rung using Doubles Call-Changes.
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