St James
Wednesday, 29 December 2004 in 2h 23 (6cwt)
5040 Minimus (35m)
(1-4)Bastow Little Bob(variable hunt)(5-7) Reverse Canterbury Place(8-11)Buscot Little Place (variable hunt)(12-14)Plain Bob(15-17)Barton Little Bob (variable hunt)(18-22)Reverse Canterbury Place(23-25)East Layton Little Place (variable hunt)(26-30)Plain Bob(31-33)Melsonby Little Place(variable hunt)(34-38)Plain Bob(39-41)Wader Wodon Hybrid, Double Trouble Little Place(42-46)Plain Bob(47-49)Ypsen Harpen Hybrid, Double Trouble Little Place(50-54)Reverse Canterbury Place(55-57)Lathors Cure Hybrid, Double Trouble Little Place(58-62)Reverse Canterbury Place(63-65)Smod Hole Inn Hybrid, Double Trouble Little Place(66-70)Plain Bob(71&72)Stanway Hybrid,Cheeky Little Place(73-77)Plain Bob(78&79)Wyck Rissington Hybrid,Cheeky Little Place(80-84)Plain Bob(85&86)Cherington Hybrid, Cheeky Little Place(87-91)Reverse Canterbury Place(92&93)Daglingworth Hybrid, Cheeky Little Place(94-98)Reverse Canterbury Place(99&100)Clearwell Hybrid, Cheeky Little Place(101-105)Reverse Canterbury Place(106&107)Elmstone Hardwicke Hybrid, Cheeky Little Place (108-112)Plain Bob (113-119)Parsley Hybrid, Sage Hybrid, Itram Little Place(120-124)Plain Bob(125-131)Rosemary Hybrid, Thyme Hybrid, Itram Little Place(132-136)Reverse Canterbury Place(137-143)Rhubarb Hybrid, Custard Hybrid, Itram Little Place(144-149)Plain Bob(150-155)Reverse Bob(156-161)Double Bob(162-167)Canterbury Place(168-173) Reverse Canterbury Place(174-179)Double Canterbury Place(180-185)St Nicholas Bob(186-191)Reverse St Nicholas Bob(192-197)Single Court(198-203)Reverse Court(204-210)Double Court
Composed by Andrew Wood
1 Andrew J Wood (C)
2 Penelope J V Sharpe
3 Carole Hurst
4 Simon R Holden
5 Robert J Clive
Believed to be the most Mimimus methods yet rung to a peal. All methods comply with Central Council requirements. The following methods are named:
Buscot Little Place:
Wader Wodon Hybrid: -14-12.14.34.LH1423
Ypsen Harpen Hybrid: -14.12-14.34.LH1423
Lathors Cure Hybrid: 34.14-12.14-LH1342
Smod Hole Inn Hybrid: 34.14.12-14-LH1342
Double Trouble Little Place:
Stanway Hybrid: -14-34-14.34.LH1423
Wyck Rissington Hybrid:-
Cherington Hybrid: -14-14-14.34.LH1342
Daglingworth Hybrid: 34.14-34-14-LH1342
Clearwell Hybrid:
Elmstone Hardwicke Hybrid: 34.14-14-14-LH1423
Cheeky Little Place: 14.12.LH1342
Parsley Hybrid: -14-12.14-12.LH1423
Sage Hybrid: -14.12-14-12.LH1423
Rosemary Hybrid: -14-12.14-14.LH1342
Thyme Hybrid: -14.12-14-14.LH1342
Rhubarb Hybrid: 34.14-
Custard Hybrid: 34.14.12-14.34.12.LH1342
Itram Little Place: 14.34.LH3124
Church Bellhangers of Distinction