Birmingham University Society
St Bartholomew
Thursday, 30 September 2004 in 2h 35 (10 cwt)
5040 Spliced Plain Minor (63m)
(1) Bubbles, Emergency Stop, FCW, Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers Place, Steve the Legend, The Ship, Zzzzz... (2) Broad Green, Liverpool Lime Street, Prescot, Roby, St Helens Central, St Mary's Priory Warrington Place, Wavertree Technology Park (3) Birmingham Oratory, BUSCR, Castle Bromwich Place, Great Barr, Edgbaston Old Church, Huyton, The Priory Hospital (4) Bobby, Dinah, Feet, Gollum, J2O, Precious Place, Sméagol (5) Edom, Hough-on-the-Hill, London, Lytham, Overbury, Staunton, Syston Drift (6) Earith, Hereward the Wake, Judah, Moab, Monks of Ely, Vermuyden, Westlecott (7) Armitage-is-the-Name, Badgeworth, Buxton, Childwall, Doorman, Doxey, Gower, Hasfield, Heatherslade, Hempsted, Lakesend, Moss Pit, Norfolk Punch, Powderhouse, Prickley Green, Ribchester, Rising Brook, St Clement's College, St Nicholas College, Tirley, Welle Manor
1 Anthea S Lansberry
2 Jo M Harper
3 Mark R Eccleston (C)
4 Michael J Strong
5 David A C Matthews
6 Samuel M Austin
Most methods: 5.
525th peal: 1.
First peal in the following methods:
Birmingham Oratory Bob: L - lh 16
Bobby Bob: L lh 16
Broad Green Bob: L -45.5.23-5 lh 16
Bubbles Bob: L lh 16
BUSCR Bob: L - lh 16
Castle Bromwich Place: L - lh 16
Dinah Bob: L lh 16
Edgbaston Old Church Bob: L - lh 16
Emergency Stop Bob: L lh 16
FCW Bob: L lh 16
Feet Bob: L lh 16
Gollum Bob: L lh 16
Great Barr Bob: L -45.5.3-5 lh 16
Huyton Bob: L -45.25.3-5 lh 16
J2O Bob: L lh 16
Liverpool Lime Street Bob: L - lh 16
Peter Piper Picked a Peck of Pickled Peppers Place: L lh 16
Precious Place: L lh 16
Prescot Bob: L - lh 16
Roby Bob: L - lh 16
St Helens Central Bob: L - lh 16
St Mary's Priory Warrington Place: L - lh 16
Sméagol Bob: L lh 16
Steve the Legend Bob: L lh 16
The Priory Hospital Bob: L - lh 16
The Ship Bob: L lh 16
Wavertree Technology Park Bob: L -45.25.23-5 lh 16
Zzzzz... Bob: L lh 16