Newmarket, Suffolk
14 Paget Place
Thursday, 11 March 2004 in 1h 37 (13E)
5040 Spliced Surprise Minor (147m)
(1-3) Collins, Clayton West, Apollo, Armstrong, Swindon Village, Redding, Aldrin, Hoy, Tranquillity, Long Sutton, Tokyo, Kingsbury Episcopi, Church Lawford, Bacton Bull, Wolford, Shilton, Vowchurch, Whichford, Harbury, Rousay, Napton-on-the-Hill, St Decuman's, Xylocopa, Watchet, Willingham, Unst, Superlative, Yoxall, Nailsea, Barra, Izzat, High Halden, Waterloo, Wandsworth, Betjeman, Brixton, Eminent Nick Lawrence, Fair Isle, West Monkton, Isle of Noss, Coltishall, Fabio Chiarvesio, Acle, Fetlar, Brockdish, Bah Humbug, Eilean Leodhais, Ashleworth, Na Hearadh (4-7) Broomfield, Luton, Royal Bob, Rhyl, Thorne, Harwood, **, Clayworth, Flawborough, Gruzzles, Barton-in-Fabis, Overbury, Santa, Smartie, Pattiswick, Ripple, Terling, Beighton, Cambridge, Appleby, Redcar, Coverleigh, Hatfield, Surfleet, Beverley, Steamboat Springs, Ashchurch, Wyverstone, Earl's Green, Woolfardisworthy, Maisemore, King's Bromley, Everton, Laxton, St Edmund Hall, Cotgrave, Cuckney, Venta Silurum, Isca Silurum, Badby Tents, North Wheatley, Selston, Happy Birthday Sheila, Sturton-le-Steeple, Needham Market, Elmswell, Orsett, Mersea, Upshire, Bangor, Carlisle, Grantham, Sleaford, Osea, Chester-le-Street, Munden, Chester, Eadburgebyrig, Stotfold, Horsey, Pulham, Leeds Castle, Northey, Havengore, Quendon, Bakewell, Cunecastre, Retford, Spalding, Pretyman Avenue, Wells, Fincham, Ismay Wedding, George Orwell, Garsington, Ide, This Year, Anno Domini, Marcus, Yin, Nigel, St Benet's, Roger, Robin, Yang, Graham, Xenophonic, Pythagorus, Shaw, Chieveley, Snailwell, Marcham, Longcot, Cheveley, National Stud
Composed by arr xyz
1–2 Cherril C Thompson
3–4 Andrew J W Tibbetts (C)
5–6 Jeremy W Spiller
999th together: 5 & 6.
The following methods are rung and named for the first time:
Hoy S [TDMM 122]: -34-14-56-36.12-14.56 (l.h.14 145362)
Rousay S [TDMM 277]: -34-1456-56-36.12-14.56 (l.h.14 146325)
Barra S [TDMM 579]: -36-14-56-36.14-14.56 (l.h.14 146325)
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