All Saints
Sunday, 26 June 2011 (6¼ Cwt)
1260 Doubles (9 m/v)
3m 6v: (1-2) 240 Barton-upon-Humber Bob (3) Plain Bob (4) April Day (5) May Day (6) Seighford (7) Litchurch (8) Old Hudibras (9) Kennington (10) Grandsire + 60 Grandsire
1 Patricia A Donnelly
2 David E Hibbert
3 Alexander J Hibbert
4 Heather L E Peachey
5 Barry F Peachey (C)
6 Paul D Wilkinson
Rung for Bigby Open Gardens Sunday
Barton-upon-Humber Bob is now rung for the first time. This is the first new Doubles method to take advantage of the change in the Decisions at the 2011 Central Council Meeting at Hereford which permits the naming other than in a Peal of Doubles and Minor methods which are not capable of producing true extents, but only round blocks of multiple extents.
Name suggested by Andrew Lord (Barton-upon-Humber)
Barton-upon-Humber Bob: (CCC N0 1551) - 125. Bob 1 Single 123.