Bacton, Suffolk
2 Pretyman Avenue
Saturday, 14 February 2004 in 1h 33 (12F)
5040 Spliced Surprise Minor (72m)
Orsett, Twyning, Upshire, Bangor, Carlisle, Grantham, Sleaford, Melton, Chester-le-Street, Munden, Netherwood, Chester; Pattiswick, Ripple, Terling, Beighton, Cambridge, Appleby, Redcar, Coverleigh, Hatfield, Surfleet, Eastwood, Beverley; Cunecastre, Pretyman Avenue, Wells, Kelso, Bakewell, Retford; Mys Est, Bellfast, Edgware Crunch, Hollingbourne, Pulham; Snailwell, Cheveley, National Stud, Woolton Hill, Marcham; Happy Birthday Sheila, Needham Market, Elmswell, Badby Tents, Mys Whevrer; St Edmund Hall, Venta Silurum, Isca Silurum, White Roding, Everton; Gruzzles, Santa, Smartie, Longdon, Flawborough; Royal Bob, Harwood, **, Bamborough, Linden; Birks S, Steamboat Springs S, Kinder Scout S, Finningham S, Ashchurch S, Wyverstone S, Earl's Green S, Woolfardisworthy S, Bacton Green S, Maisemore S, Archy Styrigg S, King's Bromley S
Composed by arr A J W Tibbetts from P A B Saddleton
1–2 Cherril C Thompson
3–4 Andrew J W Tibbetts (C)
5–6 Jeremy W Spiller
A birthday compliment to Cherril's mother, Sheila Price.
The following methods are rung and named for the first time:
Gruzzles S (TDMM 207): -34-1456-12-36-14-56 (l.h.14 145362)
Finningham S (TDMM 668): -36-1456-12-36-12-56 (l.h.14 146325)
Wyverstone S (TDMM 676): -36-1456-12-36-34-56 (l.h.14 146325)
Earl's Green (TDMM 680): -36-1456-12-36.12-12.56 (l.h.14 146325)
Bacton Green S (TDMM 689): -36-1456-12-36.12-34.56 (l.h.14 146325)
Happy Birthday Sheila (TDMM 1150): -56-1456-12-36-14-56 (l.h.14 146325)
National Stud S (TDMM 2326): 56-56.14-12-36.14-34.56 (l.h.14 146325)
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