Liverpool Universities Society
The Holy Rood
Saturday, 29 March 2003 in 4h 46 (5–1–1)
10080 Treble Bob Minor (14m)
(1 ext each Chiltern, Pennine, Cotswold, Snowdon, Waterford, Trinity Sunday, Woodcock's Victory, Chadkirk, Norbury, Morning Star, Duke of Norfolk, London Scholars' Pleasure, Burton, Oxford)
1 Marc Hart
2 Geoffrey C Sparling
3 John E Heaton
4 Andrew P Warboys
5 Peter L Furniss
6 Richard I Allton (C)
The longest length of pure Treble Bob Minor methods yet rung on tower bells. Completes longest lengths on 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 bells: 5.
Umpires' Report:
A good standard of ringing was maintained throughout, and all calls and lead ends were checked and were correct. The few errors that occurred were instantly corrected. The peal started with the first extent taking a steady 22 mins, speeding up in the 4th, 5th and 6th extents to approximately 19.5 minutes per extent. This slowed in the last couple of extents to just over 20 mins. We recommend this be ratified as a Record Length.
Susan D Sparling, Jennifer R Sparling, Elizabeth P Heaton
This peal has been recognised as a record length in the method.
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