St Nicholas
Wednesday, 31 December 2003 in 2h 55 (14–2–24)
5088 Spliced Surprise Major (39m)
224 Yorkshire; 128 each Aldenham, Angel, Beaumont Hill, Belfast, Bow Street, Buckfastleigh, Cassiobury, Corbiere, Cornwall, Ebeneezer, Eggybread, Electric, Euston Road, Go, Hertford, Hertfordshire, Just visiting, Kings Cross, Kingwood, Lincoln, Lincolnshire, Lulworth, Marylebone Station, Moulton, Northampton, Northumberland Avenue, Old Kent Road, Pall Mall, Pentonville Road, Pudsey, Richmond, Sonning, Spilsby, Tellurium, Uxbridge, Whitechapel Road, White Hall, Yeading; 155 changes of method)
Paul Needham
1 James A Forster
2 Paul N Mounsey
3 David J Sheppard
4 Robin O Hall
5 Andrew J Graham
6 Simon J L Linford (C)
7 John N Hughes-D'Aeth
8 David C Brown
The following methods are rung for the first time:
Go S Major
-56-6-5-23-34-23-256-3 F
Old Kent Road S Major
-56-45-56-36-4-25-56-5 A
Whitechapel Road S Major
-3.56.4-2.5.6-2- A
Kings Cross S Major
36-3.4.56-5.6-2-23-456-3 B
Angel S Major Mx
Euston Road S Major
56-5.6-2-3-4-3.4-4.3 Mx
Pentonville Road S Major
-34-456-56-3-4-45-4-5 F
Just visiting S Major
34-5.6-56-36-2-5-6-5 L
Pall Mall S Major
345-3.4-5-6.34- B
Electric S Major
-345-45-5-6-2-25.34.6-5 L
White Hall S Major
34-5.4-256-23-4-5.34-236.7 D
Northumberland Avenue S Major
34.5-4-56-23-4-25-6.34.1 E
Marylebone Station S Major
5-34.6-56-36-2-3-6-3 C
Bow Street S Major
-5-4-5-6-2-25.34-34.1 B