Oxford Society
Christ Church
Sunday, 21 December 2014 in 54m (31–0–23)
1299 Stedman Cinques
1 Colin M Lee
2 Katherine A Stonham
3 Simon A Bond
4 Michael A Williams
5 S L Catrin Morgan
6 Stuart F Gibson
7 Nicholas J Hartley
8 Mark D Tarrant
9 Robin O Hall (C)
10 Christopher I Griggs
11 Bernard J Stone
12 Keith D Anderson
For Christmas.
First Stedman Cinques: 5.
Circled the tower: 1.
Celebrating a record-breaking year of ringing at Christ Church with 4 peals and 21 quarter-peals on top of Sunday service ringing, fortnightly practices, ringing for college and royal occasions, and the small matter of the final of the National 12-bell Contest and all the visiting practices for that event. It's been a lot of fun and very profitable for the Royal Blenheim.