Southwell Diocesan Guild
Sawley, Derbyshire
15 Purdy Meadow
Friday, 5 November 2004 in 1h 54 (13)
5040 Doubles
3m/2v: 18 extents Grandsire, 360 and 10 extents Plain B, 4 extents each April Day, Cliffords Pleasure, 3 extents Reverse Canterbury P.
PM Mason (360 Plain B)
1–2 Matthew J Smith
3–4 Graham R Hayward (C)
5–6 Benjamin D Kipling
First Doubles in hand by all.
Most methods in hand: 1-2, 5-6 and as Conductor.
First spanning two days by all.
First peal on the bells.
First peal in the house.
Church Bellhangers of Distinction