Oxford Society
St Thomas the Martyr
Thursday, 5 June 2014 in 2h 47 (11–2–6)
5040 Spliced Triples (11 methods)
11m: 840 Double Grandsire; 504 London Bob; 420 Double Court Bob, Double Oxford Bob, Grandsire, Hereward Bob, Reverse Grandsire, Single Court Bob, Single Oxford Bob, St Clement's College Bob; 336 College Bob; 203 com.
1 Stuart F Gibson
2 Michael O'Hagan
3 Michael A Williams
4 Ryan Mills
5 Robin O Hall
6 Mark A Bell
7 Simon A Bond (C)
8 Bernard J Stone
First Spliced Triples for all and for the Society.
The band would like to associate Colin Lee with this peal.
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