Oxford Society
Merton College
Wednesday, 1 January 2014 in 5h 6 (25–1–10)
7500 Merton College Alliance Major
1 Michael O'Hagan
2 Simon A Bond
3 David A Warwick
4 Michael A Williams
5 Jonathan Cresshull
6 Alex F Byrne (C)
7 Colin M Lee
8 Robin O Hall
To commence the year of celebration for the 750th anniversary of the foundation of Merton College by Walter de Merton in 1264.
The longest peal on the bells, the oldest complete ring of eight in the world, with Mertonians ringing 1, 3 & 6.
First peal in the method:
-5-45-5-36.4-4.5-4.7 le 12 (a)