Ancient Society of College Youths
St Martin
Saturday, 28 December 2013 in 3h 40 (39–1–19)
5040 Spliced Surprise Fourteen (2m)
4704 Bristol, 336 Agathon; 12 changes of method
1 Stephanie J Warboys
2 Paul N Mounsey
3 John N Hughes-D'Aeth
4 Edward N Hughes-D'Aeth
5 Simon A Bond
6 Anthony M Daw
7 Robin O Hall
8 Gordon R Birks
9 Alan G Reading
10 Paul J Tiebout
11 Andrew B Mills
12 Simon J L Linford (C)
13 Michael P A Wilby
14 John S Warboys
With the band's best wishes to Paul Carless for a speedy recovery
Agathon S. Fourteen x5Bx14.5Bx5B.36.14x7B.58.16x9B.70.18xEB.9T.1270x10.EBx10xAB LE 1B
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