Suffolk Guild
Old Stoke, Ipswich, Suffolk
The Wolery
Tuesday, 12 November 2013 in 1h 33 (9 lb)
5040 Doubles
69 methods: 1) Maltby Bob. 2) Maltby Bob, Cardingshire Slow Course, Caernarvonshire Bob. 3) Chavasse Place, Denbighshire Slow Course, Flintshire Place. 4) Callender Bob, Glamorgan Slow Course, Merionethshire Bob. 5) Montgomeryshire Place, Radnorshire Place. 6) Twineham Bob. 7) Twineham Bob, Bedfont Slow Course, Londonthorpe Bob. 8) Bampton Bob, Boveney Slow Course, Casthorpe Place. 9) Fifield Bob, Eton Slow Course, Manthorpe. 10) St Ouen Bob, Nunthorpe Place. 11) New Bob. 12) New Bob, Itchingfield Slow Course, Forncett Bob. 13) Huntspill Bob, Oakley Slow Course, Ellingham Bob. 14) St Vedast Bob, Chipstead Slow Course, Bedingham Bob. 15) Blaisdon Bob, Screveton Bob. 16) Westminster II Bob. 17) Westminster II Bob, Chesham Slow Course, Knapton. 18) Blackburn Place, Broughton Slow Course, Lyng Place. 19) St Hilary Bob, Ockham Slow Course, Intwood Bob. 20) Dragon Place, Strelley Place. 21) St Nicholas Bob. 22) St Nicholas Bob, Longford Slow Course, Fundenhall Bob. 23) Winchendon Place, Thornborough Slow Course, Haddiscoe Place. 24) St Remigius Bob, Hascombe Slow Course, Harpley Bob. 25) Huntley Place, Ossington Place. 26) St Simon's Bob. 27) St Simon's Bob, Rugby Slow Course, Braywood Bob. 28) St Martin's Bob, Slapton Slow Course, Welford Bob. 29) St Osmund Bob, Merton Slow Course, Longworth Bob. 30) Eynesbury Bob, Sutton-upon-Trent Bob. 31-34) Plain Bob. 35-36) Grandsire, Elliott's 240. 37-40) Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place. 41-42) Grandsire, Pitman's 240.
1 Katharine J Salter
2 David G Salter (C)
3 Colin F Salter
4 George M Salter
5 Richard J Munnings
Most methods: 3,4,5.
Belated birthday compliment to Christopher Munnings brother of 5.
The Weekly Journal for Church Bell Ringers since 1911