The Drunken Berriew Youths
2 Fields in Berriew, Montgomeryshire/Powys
Tuesday, 6 August 2013 in 35m
1272 Plain Bob Minimus
1–2 Andrew J Rawlinson
3–4 Alistair A F Smith
Jointly conducted by all. Rung in sadness of losing a peal of Bristol Surprise Major at St Beuno, Berriew.
This is believed to be the first quarter peal to be rung with every member of the band: intoxicated with alcohol; lying down in two separate fields; the ringer of 1-2 accidentally sat down in horse excrement; one member of the band in a tent; 1-2 was fed beer; alternating fields with 9 people and a terrier as an audience.
The band wishes to associate: Sarah Hawkins, Peter Elliott, Alex Hajok, Rhian Jones, Laura Davies, Chloe Thorner, Emily Davies, and Max the Western Terrier with this quarter.
First of minimus: 3-4
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