Derby & Edinburgh, England & Scotland
University of Derby & Edinburgh Napier University
Sunday, 14 July 2013 in 2h 29 (10)
5024 Plain Bob Major
Composed by Simon Humphrey
1–2 Anthony P Cotton
3–4 Emma J Southerington
5–6 Simon Humphrey (C)
7–8 Christian M Peckham
Ringers of 1-2 & 3-4 were in Edinburgh, 5-6 & 7-8 were in Derby.
With thanks to:
Gill Davies, Paul Ferguson and Niall Sinclair from Edinburgh Napier University
Claudio Allocchio and the lola project team
Emma Smith from Janet
Roger Browne from EMMAN
Mark Randell and Tony Iveson from University of Derby
This gives you an idea of the setup in Derby, 5-6 in the foreground:
Church Bellhangers of Distinction