Society of Stowmarket Youths
2 Pretyman Avenue
Thursday, 20 June 2013 in 1h 38 (8B)
5040 Doubles (42m/v)
42 extents, 6m, 36v, one extent each: Somerville Magdalen St Deborah St Werburgh Norwich Wadham Palmer St Richard Pakenham Thurston Ingham Great Livermere Hunston Great Ashfield Hepworth Wattisfield St Ignatius Churchill St John the Devine Ammersham Heyford Chiltern Dummer Sarratt St Jude St Laurence St Stephen St Austell St Mary St Crispin Laverstoke St Cecilia St Alban St Paul St John the Evangelist St Ambrose St Nicholas Bob Winchendon Place Huntley Place St Remigius St Simons St Martins
1–2 Cherril C Spiller
3–4 Jeremy W Spiller (C)
5–6 Winston S Girling
50th for the society. 1500th peal 3-4. 300th peal at this address 3-4
The Weekly Journal for Church Bell Ringers since 1911