Norwich Diocesan Association
St Mary
Saturday, 24 November 2012 in 2h 38 (7cwt)
5520 Doubles (46m)
(46v in 46 exts, inc 13 new vars to the calling of BPBPSPx2 (2 diff asymmetric alls, 1 of each pair, per 60 changes) using combinations of the following calls: Simon Templar Bob, Cotwall End Bob, Supercallifragilisticexpialedocious bob, Demvihja Single, Amy Omit, Astronomical Omit, Triple Bypass Bob, Dr Who Omit, Grindsire Single, Antelope Single, Newark Single and Wollaton Single): (1) Chris Newbold Might Care For It (2) Headmistress (3) The Gallant Captain (4) Red Cock (5) Thomas Crisp (6) Dapple Light (7) Georgian (8) Ilketshall St Andrew (9) Bramfield (10) St Jame South Elmham (11) Cretingham (12) Dusty (13) Black Pudding (14) Black Princess (15) Fancy (16) Kooken (17) 99 (18) Ice Cream Van (19) Longparish (20) Cedar Gold (21) Tall Font (22) Red Crest (23) Gogo Bell (24) Metallophone (25) Hoarwithy (26) Little Birch (27) Aconbury (28) Kings Caple (29) Wormelow Tump (30) Fownhope (31) St Helen (32) Newborough (33) Buffalo Hump (34) Iron Shirt (35) Quanah Parker (36) Santa Anna (37) Black Horse (38) Ten Bears (39) Allestree (40) St Quintin (41) St Lucy (42) St Frideswide (43) Black Kettle (44) Dull Knife (45) Wild Hog (46) Daffodil)
1 David R McLean
2 Colin F Salter
3 Christopher R McLean (C)
4 George M Salter
5 Roderic K Bickerton
First peal of Doubles on tower bells of variations only and with jasymmetric calls: 2.
Most variations to a peal, and longest peal: 2&4.
Chris Newbold Might Care For It:
rs, sr, st, ts, f, g
rs, sr, st, ts, f, h
The Gallant Captain:
rs, sr, st, ts, g, h
Black Princess:
wx, xw, yu, uy, c, g
wx, xw, yu, uy, c, f
wx, xw, yu, uy, c, h
wx, xw, yu, uy, f, g
Ice Cream Van:
wx, xw, yu uy f, h
Cedar Gold:
wx, xw, yu, uy c
Red Crest:
wx, xw, yu, uy, g
Gogo Bell:
wx, xw, yu, uy, f
wx, xw, yu, uy, h