Suffolk Guild
Friday, 28 November 2008
1260 Doubles (4m/4v)
Harleston, Shelland, Great Finborough, Buxhall, Eynesbury, St Osmund, St Martin's and St Simon's
1 Ann Webb
2 Josephine Beever
3 David Webb
4 Lesley Wilson (C)
5 David Steed
6 Estella Axten
Eaglethorpe Bob (CC193), Thurning Place (CC189), Wigsthorpe Bob (CC200) and Armston Place (CC198) all rung with a Reverse Canterbury Bob (a) were rung for the first time. We wish these variations to be named Buxhall, Great Finborough, Shelland and Harleston Doubles respectively.
Rung as a birthday compliment to Peter Harries, Churchwarden of Shelfanger and father of the conductor.