Trinity Episcopal Cathedral
Sunday, 30 May 2010 (17–3–20)
1272 Plain Bob Minimus
1 Marguerite Merrill
2 Pamela Pohling-Brown
3 Noah Smith (C)
4 Roy Smith
5 Jim Nolan
In memory of Sidney McCaleb, father of the Dean, the Very Rev'd Douglas McCaleb, who died on 20th May.
For the Feast of the Holy Trinity, the visit of the Rt Rev’d Leo Frade, III Bishop of Southeast Florida, and for those confirmed at Trinity this day.
First quarter-peal at first attempt: 5
First quarter-peal away from cover: 1
First Minimus for all.
Believed to be the first quarter-peal in the tower by a predominantly Sunday-service band, plus two visitors—thank you, Roy and Noah. Thank you Marg for ringing with a very painful thumb.
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