Society of Cambridge Youths
SS Mary and Michael
Thursday, 22 April 2004 in 2h 36 (10–2–22)
5024 Spliced Treble-Dodging Major (4m)
1600 Bristol Surprise; 1152 Cambridge Blue Delight, Cambridge Blue Surprise; 1120 Cambridge Blue Treble Bob; 114 com, all the work
Graham A C John
1 Alison L Brooke
2 Jillian E Galloway
3 J Robert Johnson (C)
4 Richard A Smith
5 Philip J Earis
6 Patrick L H Brooke
7 Andrew J W Tibbetts
8 Philip A B Saddleton
This peal contains the only four possible double regular treble-dodging major methods with no adjacent places in the notation. It's good. (
Rung for the first time:
Cambridge Blue Delight: -36-18-58-36-14-18-36-18 le 18
Cambridge Blue Surprise: 36.58-14-58-36-14-58-14.36.18 le 18
Cambridge Blue Treble Bob: 36.58-18-58-18-14-18-14.36.18 le 18
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