Surrey Association
St Mary the Virgin
Saturday, 12 September 2009 in 41m (8cwtG#)
1260 1 Method and 8 Variations Of Doubles
2 extents and sixty changes of Plain Bob and 1 extent each of: Dr Paul, Hover Cat, Sniper Squirrel, Sparaxis, Salvia, Dropnose, Tullatrouble and Cattermole
1 Vicky Williams
2 Kate Desbottes
3 David R McLean
4 David Wallis
5 Christopher R McLean (C)
The following variations (Winchendon Place and St Martins Bob both using a Minster Extreme, with Grandsire, Antelope, Wollaton and Newark Singles) were rung for the first time to the above composition and are named:
4 q/c - Hover Cat
4 q/g - Sparaxis
4 q/h - Cattermole
4 q/f - Tullatrouble
134 q/c - Sniper Squirrel
134 q/g - Salvia
134 q/h - Dr Paul
134 q/f - Dropnose
Rung during the Suffolk Historic Churches open weekend and to mark the 41st Wedding Anniversary of David and Sybil McLean (13/09/09)
The conductor would like to acknowledge the Right Reverend Professor Barry Peachey for his technical advice regarding doubles variations
The Weekly Journal for Church Bell Ringers since 1911